Thursday, March 08, 2012

UP elections

So the dance of Indian democracy has once again put the pollsters to shame.No one knew that the sp goondas will be so much coloured this holi and that that mayawati will have to face a washout, the position of the national parties were pretty much known.So for my first post i would like to do one of my favourite things i.e. dissecting the political parties.
CONGRESS-----The "party of the prince" fell flat on their face.While the party never really claimed that this was the prince's fight but it was pretty much clear that they were treating it as the "coming of age" ceremony before the battle of 2014.The mentor of the prince tried every trick in the book to woo the muslims ,the sal'man' of the party too tried to sacrifice himself on the alter of CEC to help the prince but could not even save the election for her own wife.The prince himself continued his policy of "eat -with -the -poor- to- woo- them" but even they could see through his superficiality, the poor may be illiterate but they are certainly not dumb.And even though the prince tried to be courageous and had good photo op with his sister waiting while he took the blame gallantly,the sycophants had a field day defending him.
But in my opinion this was a good wake up call for congress and they can still rectify their decline and still make some gain for the 2014.While i don't like the dynasty of congress or of any other party but given the present options i will still put my bet on rahul g for 2014 provided he brings some change in the party.
BJP------The party with 55 pm candidates also failed to make any mark in the elections.The party never really looked in the fray and made only cosmetic changes at the last time to bring uma bharti and khushwaha(even though that hurt them more than helping them).The party never had any leadership in the state and they couldn't have credited anyone nor can they blame anyone for the failure.It reflects on the party which has so much infighting going on that they are not able to take the advantage of such a pathetically abysmal central government.Also the fading of their  hindutva politics was again proved by their loss in their bastion of ayodhya.
So if bjp has any intention to swap the benches in the parliament they better get out of the 90s politics of raths and mandirs and  start working around a leader on the development front and go full on against this terribly shaky government.
BSP--------The party which considers that the basic human need is pride and not roti ,kapda,makan and so spent crores on the murtis and parks and that too of herself instead of welfare schemes,the party which made a very serious attempt to create a cult around their leader, was thrown out of power with a very convincing mandate.The bsp has a lot to think over ,the top down working style, the corruption ,the arrogance all have contributed to their decline.But the greatest silver lining for bsp in all this gloom  ironically is their very adversary;it looks the state has no choice but a goonda and a goondi and as is proved by the post poll violence ,the sp hasn't really changed much so the bsp don't  have to do much but wait for sp  to self destruct.
SP------The greatest miracle is really for the sp ,the party which didn't do much but was generously helped by the pathetic bsp government.Everyones talking about akhilesh but i don't think he should get as much credit as he is getting and by the looks of it he doesn't look to be a very smart chap; i may be wrong but he doesn't impress at first sight.
The real challenge for sp would be to deliver on the development front and control their goondas.

So their you  go ........ this is MY view on the elections .
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