Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Times They Are A Changin'

There was a time when it appeared that everything was collating, connecting and joining.The world was getting smaller.I used to think that eventually the world would become one entity.The powers of globalization and liberalism appeared inevitable like a law of nature.

The recent happenings in the world with Brexit, Trump and the Rise of xenophobia across Europe have made me question whether these assumptions are right or not.Add to this the recent regime change in Brazil and you now have a world where every major country is closing its borders , the people are okay even if their leaders don't always say the most politically correct things and in general it is okay to distrust and attack people who are not like them.

To a large extent the reason things are changing this way is that for a long time the world was on the path of globalisation, of inclusiveness, of trusting the people who said the politically correct things and look where it led the world to. The 2008 crisis made the people question the powers that be and this current scenario is really a result of the people wanting the power back to them or at least the appearance of it. A common pattern in all of these political changes is that the new leader is always projected as the outsider, the one not part of the “system”, the one not scared to say what everyone is secretly thinking.

This makes the future so much more unpredictable.I don't know what is going to happen with the world when in the past I thought I knew where it was going.And you never know when something is just an ideology or a rebellious cry and when it becomes an accepted norm.

For example, today you can't say anything against women in general or consider them inferior or degrade them in any way.But back when it started, if you were a feminist then you were the one who had a different opinion than the majority, you were a rebel and you would have to fight it out with the society but now it is so entrenched within all of us as if it is a rule of nature and considered a basic law just like universal franchise where everyone has an equal vote.

Things change so quickly and before you know it there is an entire new world around you and you need to change yourself according to it. We need to keep ourselves one with the times because times, they are a changin'.