Monday, August 20, 2012

The Wasseypur saga (Spoilers Galore)

When i first heard about GOW i was very excited about it as AK had come as a revelation to me  recently when i had watched Gulaal and i was blown off by it.I thought that AK's  take on small town gangs would be interesting.So in a way i was already biased in its favor before watching it.I travelled 40 km to see the movie so that i could enjoy the movie in its full flow and magnificence.And it didn't disappoint.

It has AK written all over it and it is fitting that he be compared with QT .

Strangely Humour is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about GOW.It is really odd that a crime film with so much amount of gore and violence and abuses should invoke humor as a first word but i could not stop laughing during the film.AK's humor is not your regular slipping on a banana peel slapstick it is wacky, it is black, observational, situational almost to the point of being cruel but stops short of it.I don't know if there are words to describe his humor.

GOW is full of such examples two of my favorites are the operation in the dark scene in the first part where the fearsome sardar becomes unreasonably caring for his son who barely has an  injury.Another is the one where ramadhir asks his son which "cinema" he went to see the day before and JP sheepishly tells DDLJ.The look of disappointment on Ramadhir's face,the guilt and embarrassment on JP's face are all priceless.AK manages to takes such funny situations out of daily lives and portray them on screen, which is brilliant..The one where Durga puts a loaded gun her sons bag and asks him not to get into a fight with a straight face is another gem.One other  priceless scene that comes to mind is the one with Abhay Deol and the Aunty with a bus Ticket in Dev D, that scene had me in splitts for a long time.

The music plays a great role in setting the mood of the film and it has been dealt with carefully.AK has done a great job here with the an innovative soundtrack by Sneha Khanwalkar, Piyush Mishra, and the background score by GV Prakash.Barring the song Moora which i believe is pretty uplifting and leaves a impression, but doesn't work well in the film as a sort of strength giving track for Faizal Khan, all the songs help in taking the story forward. 

The way the woman characters were given a backseat along with Asghar and Farhan could have been done away with.The way Nagma Khatoon's character was shaped up in the first part, much more was expected then a one time riling up of her son, also the character of Mohsina doesn't have a major say in the scheme of things other than singing a song and a few hilarious scenes.

Death becomes commonplace in the city and is almost trivialized by the sad songs sung by Yashpal Sharma of which he keeps track by counting the beats on his fingers. In spite of this, the climatic death along with the epilogue does leave you a bit poignant.Also it leaves the space open for a Wasseypur series if not soon then may be 10 to 20 years later but the saga can be continued and may be till then the real life inspiartions would give more fodder  for the story.

Although the two films individually have their own place but the best way to see GOW is as one movie which surpasses the individual films.