Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not just another show

One of the things that i dislike is the use of  someones emotions for one's benefit especially the emotion of sorrow.The awkward silences, polite talks, solitary tears  all just make me cringe and i just  loathe these kind of methods.
So when on the sunday morning i switched on the tv  like millions others ,one can imagine the disappointment when i saw aamir calling assorted ladies and hearing their sad stories.I thought  aamir too had fallen prey for the tears-for-trp business even though he did it in a more subtle manner and  gracefully showed the tears and horror of the audiences but still it looked stage managed and it probably was.But as the show went by, it appeared to become bigger than just use-and-throw of the emotions of people for trps.The research,the  travel, the experts , the intent ,  the decision to participate himself to lead the way forward to the solution and most importantly the effort to encourage people against the female foeticide cause  made the show more than  a exploitation-of-the-emotions show.
But herein lies the catch; in making his show different from others aamir has taken a really major decision by himself participating in causes , he must understand that just doing celeb lip service to a cause will bring major flak and criticism to him.He has made it more than just trps and as he intended it to be; it  is not just another show not only for the audiences but also for himself he can not get himself away from it just by shooting for it.It will or at least should take a significant portion of his time.
The major criticism for the show is that aamir has no magic wand and that there are activists who have been leading the cause for decades and that aamir is being listened because he is a star and that his efforts are only giving pr to the cms and they will do nothing more. But i think  aamir himself made it clear on the show that  it is the people who have to change and no amount of regulations can help unless people change, secondly this should not be one up manship that he is a one day wonder and that others have worked for decades, the "activists" should look at it as another helping hand.It must be understood that what he brings to the table is attention to the cause and that the battle would still be long but more people will join in.Lastly it is too early too comment on the show ;how the show fares will largely depend on how aamir takes the issues forward in the future; it is too early to be cynical about it or question his intentions;he has a long way to go but at least he is the only who has made the step in the right direction .It is not just another show ;not for the viewers and if aamir is not acting it certainly should not be for him..........