Sunday, March 17, 2019


The question about God's existence has always been puzzling and divisive.People on both ends of the spectrum tend to be so extreme that it becomes difficult to distinguish them from one another.Each of them convinced that they are the ones with the true knowledge about the world and so convinced in their beliefs to not even listen to the other side.

The irony with liberals is that they become conservative in their liberalism.So many times it appears that atheism could be just another kind of fundamentalism,that you are wrong i am right,no god exists ,end of discussion. They are ready to fight over it just like religious fundamentalists do.  On the other hand, are the theists who would have you believe that service to God is the one-stop solution to everything and any objection to it invokes vigorous response from them to the point of violence.

Among all this extremism agnosticism comes as a stream of sanity.The belief that there is no certainty about the existence of God and it could or could not be there. It gives breathing space to everyone. If you get your strength from the concept of God you can have it, if on the other hand you believe that God is just a story that we like to tell ourselves to feel good about ourselves then welcome aboard you can be a agnostic. Obviously this can be said to be taking an easy or rather, an escapist position but it is better to be aware of one's ignorance than being ignorant.

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